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I’m Daniel, Virtual Reality enthusiast from Germany. This site contains some of my projects. Please feel free to contact me for freelance work.

I’m enthusiastic in virtual reality, 3D programming, film production and games related topics. My job’s mostly focused around games and professional multimedia installations. If you have something exciting I can help you with, please feel free to contact me.

VR Bits site Darkfield site


daniel.pots (at) live (dot) de
+49 172 1077991

Short Vita

  • 1986 born in Melle, Germany
  • 2006 graduated from high school at comprehensive school Spenge
  • 2010 qualified as IT salesman at DTS Systeme
  • 2012 internship as postproduction assistant and second camera at commlab GmbH
  • 2013 co-founded VR Bits, Virtual Reality games and consulting
  • 2015 diploma in media informatics at HTW Dresden university of applied science

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