City of the Future – Interactive Museum Installation

My exibition project “Interactive city of the future” for the museum of transportation is finishedand visitors can see it since yesterday. Being lead developer and interface designer in one person, my task was bringing the city and traffic simulation to life, designing and implementing the menu as well as making unity3d compatible with the inputs from the touchscreens.

The project consist out of 3 FullHD Touchscreens by Mutitaction and is powered by a Unity3D based application in which multiple exibition visitors can build their vision of our future city. Flipping one of the many tiles will change them into another type. The app reacts at runtime and changes the traffic density and distribution. Flipping many tiles to industrial results in more and more trucks on the street and traffic jams. Also they can pinch to zoom on the street to make them bigger or smaller, resulting in more fluent traffic, but unhappy pedestrians or bike users. Another station is the workshop in which users paint their vision of how we are transported in the future. The app will implement these painted vehicles into the traffic at runtime. Inside a menu they can see and hear videos of experts from different fields around traffic, professors of the unitversity of dresden as well as of infuential companys or association like Bosch, ADAC or ADFC. Moreover the menu can be used to rate other peoples painted car concept, see statistic and news around traffic and participate in a survey around this topic.

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